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Salon Displays Works of 11 ‘Very Different’ Emerging Artists

Salon Displays Works of 11 ‘Very Different’ Emerging Artists

 AMMAN — A varied selection of artworks created by 11 local emerging artists last week was presented to the public, as part of the Bayt Al Graphic’s first salon show held in Jacaranda Images art gallery in Jabal Amman.

Darat Funun Launch in Jabal Luweibdeh

Darat Funun Launches Last Phase of 30th Anniversary Celebration

 AMMAN — Art lovers on Tuesday evening flocked to the iconic Darat Al Funun — Khalid Shoman Foundation in Jabal Luweibdeh, where they witnessed the unfolding of the third and last iteration of the art foundation’s 30th anniversary celebrations, held under the theme “Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light”.

Ryanair Flight from Rome Reaches Aqaba

Cheap Flights From Europe to Amman, Aqaba Announced

 AMMAN — European low-cost carriers Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian Airlines will start flights from several European cities to Amman and Aqaba as of November 1, an official said on Tuesday.

Jordan Trail Association to Receive World Tourism Award

Jordan Trail Association to Receive World Tourism Award

 AMMAN — The 2018 World Tourism Awards will be presented to the Jordan Trail Association, alongside two other winners on November 5, as part of the opening day of World Travel Market London, according to a statement by World Tourism Awards.

New Khalda Gallery Jordan

30 Emerging Artists Display Work at New Khalda Gallery

 AMMAN — The works of 30 emerging Jordanian artists on Saturday was inaugurated at the JODAR Artistry community art space, as part of a unique creative event held under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia. 

Ajloun castle trip

Ajloun Named One of Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in World

 AMMAN — An international competition organised by 10 leading sustainable tourism organisations and networks has named Ajloun Forest Reserve as one of the world’s top 100 sustainable destinations for 2018, in recognition of its responsible and sustainable tourism initiatives.

Tourism Sector Says Visitor Numbers Beginning to Bounce Back After Years of Safety Concerns

Tourism Sector Says Visitor Numbers Beginning to Bounce Back After Years of Safety Concerns

 Destinations such Petra, Amman Citadel and downtown Amman have received more visitors since beginning of this year, according to Jordan Tourism Board.

Archaeologists team in Zarqa

Archaeologists Unearth Historic Lime Floor in Zarqa

 AMMAN — A Spanish archaeological team has recently restored a 10,800-year-old painted lime floor unveiled at the Neolithic site of Kharaysin (Quneya, Zarqa), which is considered by the experts as “one of the first locations in the world where communities started building households and grouping as agricultural societies”.

Burqu as a nature reserve

Burqu Nominated for Consideration as Nature Reserve

 AMMAN — The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) has submitted the nomination of Burqu as a nature reserve to the Ministry of Environment, pending an approval from the Cabinet, RSCN Director General Yehya Khaled said on Wednesday.

Italian Scholar Highlights 'Musealisation' Efforts of Wadi Rum Discoveries

Italian Scholar Highlights 'Musealisation' Efforts of Wadi Rum Discoveries

AMMAN — In order to protect the rich cultural heritage of the Hishma Desert (Wadi Rum), two measures involving the local community are keys to success, experts said, citing the education of schoolchildren and the training of tour guides.

Annab Opens Tourism Horeca Jordan 2018

Annab Opens Tourism ‘Horeca Jordan 2018’ Torum

 AMMAN — Tourism Minister Lina Annab on Tuesday opened the 5th International Forum for Hospitality, Food Industries and Hotel Equipment “Horeca Jordan 2018” at the Zara Expo Exhibition Centre.

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Jordanian, British Writers Swap Places for Creative Literary Exchange

 AMMAN — A unique creative exchange programme is bringing together the seemingly opposite worlds of the small, medieval city of Durham in northeast England and the hilly metropolis of Amman, under the title "Alta'ir" (or "bird" in Arabic).

Zeus and Aphrodite Sculptures Have Been Discovered in Jerash

Zeus and Aphrodite Sculptures Have Been Discovered in Jerash

 AMMAN — New archaeological discoveries in Jerash have been described as “priceless” by historians and archaeologists, among them was an almost-whole sculpture of the Greek goddess of love and beauty "Aphrodite".

Jerash Labneh Festival

Jerash Labneh Festival

 Local women showcase their homemade dairy products including Labneh (strained yougurt) during Jerash Labneh Festival, a one-day event that was held Friday at the ancient Roman city of Jerash, 45km north of Amman, and included many activities such as kids games, traditional dancing and films.

Amman Book Fair

Amman Book Fair

 AMMAN — The annual Amman Book Fair attracted scores of people from all over the country who enjoy books, various cultural activities and signings from distinguished Jordanian authors over the weekend.

Ramtha Host Tunisia’s Etoile Sportive Du Sahel in Qualifier

Ramtha Host Tunisia’s Etoile Sportive Du Sahel in Qualifier

 AMMAN — Ramtha hosts Tunisia’s Etoile Sportive Du Sahel in the return leg of the Arab Club Champions Cup at Al Hassan Stadium in Irbid on Friday.

The Activation of Madaba Archaeological Museum

The Activation of Madaba Archaeological Museum

 AMMAN — Through the centuries, Madaba has been a symbol of cultural interaction and peaceful coexistence between different religions and cultural traditions, and its long history testifies of the important role of the area, said Italian archaeologist and co-director of the Madaba Regional Archaeological Museum Project (MRAMP) Andrea Polcaro, adding that "we believe it is one of the main values to be highlighted in the new museum of Madaba”.

Strong Regional Entry for New-Look Jordan Baja in Awe-Inspiring Wadi Rum

Strong Regional Entry for New-Look Jordan Baja in Awe-Inspiring Wadi Rum

 AMMAN — Jordan Motorsport has confirmed there will be a strong regional flavour to the official entry lists for this week’s inaugural Jordan Baja, the Kingdom’s first cross-country rally to run since 1990, according to the Jordan Motorsport Media Service.

Amman tour Roman Theatre

12 Things to Know Before You Go to Jordan

 Jordan is generally considered a carefree country with very few rules and regulations, but as in any Arab country, there are still certain cultural norms you should be aware of. Here’s a list of things to bear in mind while travelling to this beautiful nation.

KHCF Organises Annual Charity Hikes

KHCF Organises Annual Charity Hikes

 AMMAN — Moving away from the traditional fundraising techniques, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF)  is organising “Steps for Life”, an initiative that gives citizens the opportunity to support the treatment of underprivileged patients at the King Hussein Cancer Centre’s (KHCC) by engaging in an entertaining and healthy  hiking experience.

European Film Festival in Amman

European Film Festival in Amman

 AMMAN — The European Film Festival will kick off in Amman on Wednesday, and will be screening 19 movies. It will also launch a competition for local filmmakers.

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Jerash a ‘Significant Urban Community of the Early Islamic Period’

 Jerash, considered an important Roman and Byzantine city, is slowly revealing its role during the Early Islamic period.

Jordan tours petra colonnaded street

Jordan's tourism revenues reach $3.9 billion end of October

Tourism revenues rose by 12.7 per cent during the first ten months of this year to around $3.9 billion, up from $2.4 billion generated during the same period in 2016, the Central Bank of Jordan said.

Jordan Church

Number of overnight religious tourists increases

Jordan this year witnessed an increase in the number of overnight religious tourists from countries targeted by promotion efforts, an official said on Wednesday.

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Amman’s ‘hidden gems’ exposed under out-of-the-box initiative

AMMAN — The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) on Monday launched a campaign to promote tourism in the city of Amman, under the title “#Amman24”, which has triggered tremendous enthusiasm among a diversified audience worldwide, thanks to effective interaction by social media influencers.

Petra Obelisk Tomb

Amman to host regional conference on sustainable tourism

Tourism Minister Lina Annab announced that the first regional conference on “Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa [MENA]: Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth”, will be held on November 13 and 14 at the Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel.

Gadara Umm Qais Trip

Untold bedouin traditions still alive in Wadi Rum

 Insulated in the desert wilderness of southern Jordan, bedouins of Wadi Rum, 330km south of Amman, still preserve customs and traditions that benefit their harsh habitat.

Dead Sea

Diversion of water, not climate change, cause of dropping Dead Sea levels — Jordanian geologist

 The drop in the level of the Dead Sea is causing grave concerns among environmentalists and planners in the region, with most of the drop caused by diversion in the headwaters feeding the sea, a geologist has said.

jerash day trip

Natural ingredients key to Jerash’s famous dairy produce

Among Jordanians, the city of Jerash is famous for its high quality, fresh dairy products, which are still prepared using traditional methods. 

Visitors to Jerash often purchase Labaneh Jarashiyeh, a kind of strained yoghurt, which is a signature product of the city, 48km north of Amman. 

Gadara Umm Qais Trip

First of-its-kind’ Hellenistic temple discovered in Umm Qais

 A “first-of-its-kind” Hellenistic temple in the Levant region has been discovered in Umm Qais, an archaeologist said on Monday.

An archaeological excavation team from Yarmouk University has recently discovered a Hellenistic temple and network of water tunnels, Atef Sheyyab, president of the archaeology department at the university told the Jordan Times.

Ancient Temple in Amman Jordan

Archaeologists discover ancient temple in Jordan’s Amman

Jordanian archaeologists have discovered an ancient temple that was built in the Hellenistic era in the third century BC. 

The archaeologists believe that the temple, located 120 kilometres north of the capital, Amman, was dedicated to Poseidon, the Ancient Greek god of seas.

spanish Archeoligie

Spanish Archaeological Mission strives to excavate Jordan’s treasures

AMMAN — For archaeological expert Juan Ramón Muñiz, the Spanish Archaeological Mission in Jordan is a symbol of “the cultural friendship that exists between the two countries, with bonds that transcend the sole scientific purposes”.
Muñiz, who is the director of the ongoing excavations at Jabal Al Mutawwaq — a site located along the Zarqa River, a few kilometres southeast of Jerash and 48km north of Amman — has come to find “a great collaboration” between the two countries at an institutional level.
Qusayr Amra a lens

Qusayr Amra a lens onto production of early Islamic art

AMMAN — The Second Janet Abu Lughod seminar, organised by Studio-X Amman and Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture was a “wonderful opportunity to engage deeply with a diverse and bright group of participants in Amman on the singular topic of Qusayr Amra”, said Khaled Malas, a PhD candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. 

Travel in Jordan

Amman, northern Jordan is home to other ancient cities of the Decapolis. These include Jarash (Gerasa), Umm Qays (Gadara), Tabaqat Fahl or Fihil (Pella), Bayt Ras (Capitolias), and Quwayliba (Abila). Jarash, straddling one of the ancient world's key trade routes, offers extensive and breathtaking ruins of colonnaded streets, arches, temples, and baths in a remarkable state of preservation and completeness.

Wadi Rum tour

Wadi Rum residents insist area safe for tourists, criticize ministry ban

Residents of Wadi Rum have complained of Tourism Ministry’s ban on tourists’ trips to their area, insisting that the area is safe for guests and unaffected by tribal protests over the Jafer case.

The Ministry of Tourism on Saturday instructed tour operators not to take tourists to Wadi Rum, according to a ministry document obtained by The Jordan Times on Monday.

Wadi Rum Jordan

Jordan’s Tourism Income Up 14.5% in Six Months

The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) said on Sunday that the kingdom saw a rise in tourism revenues by 14.5% during the first half of the year to a total of $2.1 billion.

In a press release, the CBJ attributed the rise in the sector’s income to the growth in the number of tourists by 9.9% year-on-year.

Jerash Day Trip

32nd Jerash festival begins

AMMAN — The 32nd Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts officially opened on Thursday with the lighting of the torch by Prime Minister Hani Mulki in the centre of the historical Greco-Roman city.
Under the patronage of His Majesty of King Abdullah, this year’s festival will feature performances by several renowned Arab singers, local, Arab and international troupes, and poetry recitals, in addition to exhibitions of arts, handicrafts and local products, according to the organisers. 
Amman tour Roman Theatre

Amman to host regional tourism conference

Tourism Minister Lina Annab announced that Amman will host the first regional conference on tourism in MENA cities, held under the title “Competitiveness for Sustainable Development”, a statement from Lawrence Conferences & Hussieni Consult said.

The event, scheduled between November 13 and 14, will be organised in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry, the Greater Amman Municipality, the Tourism Board, Lawrence Conferences & Hussieni Consult, with the support of the World Tourism Organisation, the statement said.

Roman ruins in Beit Al Ras town

19 Roman ruins found in Irbid’s Beit Ras town — antiquities department

AMMAN — The Irbid Department of Antiquities has found 19 Roman ruins in Beit Al Ras town that narrate the stories of the former inhabitants of the area, department director, Musa Malkawi, said on Thursday.

The ruins are part of the Decapolis, Malkawi said, along with Jerash, Um Qais and other historical areas across the Kingdom.

La Travia Amman Festival

Amman’s Roman Theater to host ‘first opera festival in Arab world’

AMMAN — “’La Traviata’ is a work of heart that will touch everybody’s soul,” Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum said at a press conference on Thursday.

Held under the patronage of HRH Princess Muna, the performance will include over 150 musicians and dancers from over 10 countries.

Jordan Map

Kenyans removed from restricted nationality list

AMMAN — The Cabinet on Wednesday decided to remove Kenyans from the restricted-nationality list, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The decision came in line with government’s plans to increase investment and to open up to the African market.

visit Islamic shrines

2,152 visit Islamic shrines in Southern Mazar in June

AMMAN — A total of 2,152 people visited the tombs of Prophet Mohammad’s companions in the Southern Mazar last June.

Mohammad Sarairah, the supervisor of the shrines, said that 1,285 of the visitors were Muslims from Turkey, the US, Pakistan, China, India, Malaysia and several African and European countries, while 485 visitors were Arabs and 362 were Jordanians. In May, some 2,609 people visited the Islamic shrines.


Hookah in Jordan Cafe

Tourism Ministry allows 300 cafés to serve hookah

The Tourism Ministry on Saturday allowed some 300 restaurants and cafés to serve hookah without issuing fines against them provided that they rectify their status by December 31.

In case of exceeding the given period, legal actions will be taken against the establishments in accordance with the law, the ministry noted.

Jordan Attraction

Salt to be nominated as UNESCO world heritage site

AMMAN — Tourism Minister Lina Annab is scheduled to head Jordan’s delegation to the 41st session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported on Monday.

Annab said that the session’s agenda includes nominating Salt’s historical town, 35km northwest of Amman, to be listed as a world heritage site.

Jordan Food Exibition

Jordan Food Exhibition 2017 kicks off

AMMAN — Deputising for His Majesty King Abdullah, Water and Irrigation Minister Hazem Nasser on Wednesday opened the Jordan Food Exhibition 2017, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The five-day fair, which is held at the Expo Land near airport, is organised by the International Promoters Company (IPCO), in cooperation with Amman Chamber of Industry, the Islamic International Arab Bank and Giant Industrial Group.

king Husein Park

Al Hussein Park to close during Amman Summer Festival

AMMAN —The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) on Tuesday announced that Al Hussein Park will close during the Amman Summer Festival from July 6 until July 15, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The decision is intended to facilitate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians inside the park, except for visitors to the Royal Automobile Museum.

king Husein Park

Amman Summer Festival to start on the 6th of July

AMMAN — The Amman Summer Festival is expected to start on Thursday night at the main stage of Al Hussein Park, The 10-day festival will be held for the 11th year, in four locations inside the park.

Children Museum Jordan

Children Museum Jordan reaches award final round

AMMAN — The Children Museum Jordan on Wednesday announced that it reached the final round of the 2017 Children Museums Award, for its project titled “Mobile Museum of Children”.

The announcement came after a jury meeting of the Children in Museums Award in Amsterdam in late June, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Princess Sanaa in Shabib Festival

Princess Sanaa attends opening of 23rd Shabib Festival

AMMAN — HRH Princess Sanaa Asem on Wednesday attended the opening ceremony of the 23rd Shabib Festival at the Roman Theatre in Amman, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The festival’s Higher Executive Committee President Sharifa Budur Bint Asem, said that the festival has succeeded in delivering its message of diversity in arts and culture.

Amman tour Roman Theatre

Roman Amphitheater, Amman

Dating back to the second century, Roman Amphitheater speaks to the period of Roman rule over Amman, when the city was known as Philadelphia. The construction of the 6,000-seat amphitheater into the hillside at a steep angle kept the sun off spectators and created excellent acoustics, which enabled audience members even at the top seat to hear people in the arena.

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Amman: White City

Jordan's capital city, Amman spreads across 19 hills and includes many distinct districts, each with their own historical and cultural marvels. The topography of the city adds to the sense of eclecticism and discovery, with hidden areas and surprises lying out of sight and ready to be explored.