Trip preparation


These are the major points and facts that the Travelers need to be aware of before they start their tour, so Kindly have the time to read this before you leave your country to Jordan, It is important to be aware of this:

 • The tour that covers the Southern parts of that country like Petra, Wadi Rum and Dead sea involves many driving hours ( 3 hours to Petra from Amman, 2 hours from Petra to Wadi Rum, 4 hours from Rum to Dead Sea, and 1 hour from Dead Sea to Amman). Rest top on the way is taken care of by our drivers.

 • Petra is a huge site and involves a lot of walking, it is possible however to use animals like donkeys , horse carriages, Golf cart and camels but it is better to walk.

 • For hiking at Petra and Wadi Rum Sport Shoes ( tennis shoes, boots, hat and sunglasses).

 • Personal items are NOT provided like : Sun-Block, toothbrush , hat , Slippers, Swimming clothes ( At the Dead Sea or Wadi Rum Bedouin camp ).

 • Soft Jacket especially in Rum at Night - Very Warm clothes during winter time.

 • Usually our tours doesn't include entry fees to sites or local tour guides - unless requested -  so be aware that no tour guide is provided on the sites or in Wadi Rum unless your tour includes a tour guide \ Guided Tour.   

 • If your tour includes Wadi Rum, Our drivers will drop you off either at the camp or at the meeting point with the Bedoiun camp owners - our company preference, if it is inside Rum reserve. 

 • Winter might be very cold in Jordan particularly during December and January , so bring suitable clothes ( temperature can drop    below zero sometimes - Dec-Jan). It will be quite cold in the desert; so carry warm clothing and caps to cover your head and ears while traveling on the open jeeps / pickups  to enjoy Wadi Rum. You may go for the camp upgrade with heating and private toilettes as an alternative option (with extra charges and if NOT a part of a group tour -This is not an upgrade option for the Group Tours selection).

 • For the Package tours that includes accommodation : All the hotels that we deal with are 3+ stars hotels and usually located close to the city center and service areas like restaurants, better hotels exist for sure but they are away from service areas, so we are choosing the balance between both. Clients that book best hotels on their own are usually complaining about being away from service areas and the city center or from the visitors center at Petra.

 • We use modern vehicles with AC; Sedan car, Mini to large H1 Van, Sedan car is used for 1-3 persons and it can carry     3 Med size bags, if you have more bags or extra-size bags then you need to upgrade to bigger size car like H1 van with   extra charges ( Van can take up to 7 large bags).

 • Usually most tours ends at Amman city - Airport drop off will cost 50$ extra charges unless included with booking / itinerary.

 • Wadi Rum is a huge area; and the 2 hours jeep tour -if included - will be covering the areas closer to the camp - Clients need to tell us if they have specific areas to visit in Wadi Rum in order to choose the closer camp site to these areas (2 Hours Jeep tour is the minimum recommended activity at Wadi Rum)

 • Deluxe Tents are classic style Bedouin tents with AC and Private bathroom NOT a Bubble or Martian tents (Completely different).

 • Dead Sea beach / resort entry fees (30-40$ pp) usually are not included, and should be paid directly to the driver if arranged through the company.

 • Cancelling within the last 30 days before starting the tour is NOT refunded at all.

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For  the Travelers  who are Joining one of our Small Group Tours - Not a Private tour:

    • The Group Tours has fixed itinerary that can NOT be changed or adjusted with exact and specific pick up and drop off times.

    • One bag and small backpack is allowed per traveler joining the small group tour, there is not enough space for large bags, so if you have large bags or many bags then a private tour is more suitable for you.

    • It is very important to be ready on the scheduled times particularly for pick up in the morning which is between 06:30 - 07:30 - if these times doesn't          fit you or you need flexible time then this option will not work with you - go for the private tour option.

     • Separate tents for separate bookings, so single travelers will get single bedroom or private tint  - Not shared with others.

     • The Group Tour starts and ends at Amman with no possibility of stopping at the airport .

     • Minimum age to join a group tour is 12 Years and maximum is 65 years, Seniors and Families should go for the private tour option.

     • Group Tours can share the guide charges at Petra, and the sunset activity at Wadi Rum which is optional and NOT included.  

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Upgrade Options (For Private Tours only)

 •Bedouin camp upgrade from basic to Deluxe tents with AC and private bathroom :75 $ for one, 90 US$ for two persons, 100 US$ for three & 125 US$ for 4 persons ( This option is not available sometimes)

 • Sunset / Sunrise tours at Wadi Rum will cost 35 JD for the car that can take up to 6 persons (Sometimes of the year this is not necessary and it can be      done at the camp itself - but sometimes of the year it becomes far away to observe and it needs transportation (This activity can be arranged for the            group tours and the travelers can share the cost of the car).

 • Half an hour camel ride at Rum 20US$ pp.

 • Tour guide at Petra for 2 hours 75US$.

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About the Bedoiun Camps :

If your trip includes Wadi Rum; then be aware that it is scheduled to spend the night in Wadi Rum in a privately owned Bedouin style camp - Authentic experience compared to the huge camps, the camp contains Deluxe Tents (With AC and Private bathroom) and Bedouin style classic tents with Shared Restrooms and no AC on tents- One for men and one for ladies  with showers as well. NO AC “Air Conditioning” in the Classic tents.  This is a calm / quiet Bedouin camp operated by a Bedouin family  in a good location inside Rum reserve Protected area.

NB: It is highly recommended to purchase Jordan Pass online before your arrival If you are spending 3 nights or more in Jordan ; you may visit Jordan Pass Site ; for more details.  Jordan Wanderer 99$/P

Visa Fees, Petra & Rum Entry Fees Are included with Jordan Pass - if purchased -

At the Dead sea we use Dead Sea Resort - beach facility and it will cost you 30$ without lunch - 40$ with lunch and should be paid to our driver if you decided to use the facility.

Some open areas are accessible on the beach for locals; but these areas are not well-maintained; have no services like bathrooms / showers and it is not allowed for women to swim with Bikini; and not safe for the driver to keep the vehicle unattended, asking to visit these areas is out of our responsibility.


Entry Fees:

Petra : 71$ included in Jordan Pass

Wadi Rum : 10 $ - Included with Jordan Pass.

Al-Mujib Siq Trail : 30$ - Not Included with Jordan Pass

Dead sea Beach Rsort : 30$pp without lunch - 40$ pp with lunch .

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General Notes:

  • The driver escorts you according to the booked itinerary, and needs his own time to rest after long driving hours, so he is not 24/7 at your disposal.

 • Drivers speak fair to moderate English (but not fluent English like tour guides), and they don’t have permission to escort tourists on  the sites.
 • For Wadi Rum camp stay : The driver will drop you off at the campsite or meeting point and will not be with you at the camp or during the Jeep tour.  

 • We use 4x4 local bedouin cars at Wadi Rum, and these are old vehicles with no A/C ( Old Toyota’s & trucks) driven by the Bedouins.

 •Tip in Jordan is expected, appreciated and highly recommended to the guide - driver

• Your passports should be with you during the trip, especially at Petra.