Jordan Private Tours – Your Best Chance to Explore Jordan within a Limited Time Frame

Jordan has it all: otherworldly landscapes, vibrant cities, perfectly zen seaside resorts, and ancient relics around every corner. Travelers could spend their whole life exploring everything this holy land has to offer.

If you are planning to everything this beautiful country has to offer inside a limited time frame, a Jordan private tour is probably your best bet.

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Visit The Lost City Of Petra:

One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, this ruin of old Nabatean civilization is a stretch of elaborate rock-cut architecture in Jordan’s southwestern desert. Enter through the Siq, a narrow valley with soaring walls, eventually coming to the popular facades of the gigantic Treasury building. Stop at the Amphitheatre prior to continuing to the Colonnaded Street & the Qasr al-Bint temple. You can also enjoy a horse ride to the Monastery, acknowledging the view of the Royal Tombs on your way back down. Your sightseeing exploration options in Petra are really endless as you can spend a whole week exploring the ruins & hiking the trails.



Enjoy A Guided Jordan Private Tour to Jerash:

You will simply fall in love with Jerash, if you like Roman ruins. Jerash is one of the most well-preserved old Roman cities outside of Italy. Dates back 6500 years, Jerash used to be a vital city on Rome’s ancient trade route.


Float in Dead Sea until Your Heart’s Content:

The Dead Sea is truly filled with salt & you can float here as long as you want. Tourists have been known to lay on their backs reading newspapers in the Dead Sea and it is true! You truly float on top. The minerals found in the Dead Sea have curative properties and known to heal many skin diseases.


Wonder In The Isolated Wadi Rum:

An amazing desert valley filled with towering cliffs, narrow gorges and natural stone arches, Wadi Rum is a must visit on any Jordan private tour.

It is home of the Bedouins where the human race has occupied this land for almost 12,000 years. Go for a jeep tour deep into the desert and ensure to ride a camel living out your own Lawrence of Arabia dreams.


Dana Nature Reserve:

Once a booming town, the Dana Biosphere Reserve has now turned into an artist & farming community. Here you can discover the town & hike through the natural preserves witnessing local life as it has been dwelled for centuries.

As you can see, there’re so many things to do in Jordan far beyond Petra. If you’re looking for something different in your travels this year, be sure to give our Jordan private tour a try.