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Welcome to the Middle East’s most eminent, easy going country Jordan where generosity, smiles, historical ruins, and Levantine flavors are there to escort you through your enthralling ride in an oriental gem. Our 2, 3, 4 and 5 days Jordan day tours are the perfect itinerary you can have to explore this enthralling country first hand.


Visit Amman to Feel the Beating Pulse of Arabia:


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Amman is a great place to visit in Jordan if you want to get a sense of the profound history & cultural threads that present Jordan as a whole. Head to the maze of streets that weave & wind through the busy centre of the capital to witness the mixture of chaotic souks and echoing mosque minarets that make up the renowned region of Balad.


Visit Wadi Rum - The Most Amazing Natural Spectacles in Jordan


Sun-scorched and glowing deep red and orange beneath the Arabian sun, the incredible stretches of the Wadi Rum of southern Jordan are certainly the most amazing natural spectacles in the region. Experience the ambiance of the open desert in the beautiful company of sheer mountains, red dunes and vast, silent panoramas.


Dana Biosphere Reserve:

Go back in time with an excursion to the uneven lands of the Dana Nature Reserve. This extensive dash of carved valleys & rock-ribbed hills, scrub-dressed mountains & chiseled peaks crowned with crumbling rocks, is not just Jordan’s biggest sheltered region, but also provides a glance at the age-old lifestyles of the Middle Eastern people who have made their home here.


The Dead Sea:

The lowest & most salty of the world’s ocean water bodies, Dead Sea is surrounded by rising mountains & ochre-hued sand dunes, all of which reflect colonially upon the surface as the Arabian sun beats down. The favorite activity here is definitely lazing on the surface of the water, where the high saline density keeps you afloat like logs!

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