Dead Sea Tours – Get a first Hand Experience of This Remarkable Natural Wonder

The lowest point on the earth (431m below sea level) brings tourists remarkable natural splendors, gripping ancient history and state-of-the-art mineral spas that sooth & pamper each part of your body.

Bordered by Israel, Palestine and Jordan, there are plenty of reasons to visit Dead Sea and it makes sense to explore this natural wonder sooner than later as its water shrinking by a meter per year. No trip to Jordan would be complete without experiencing the joy of floating on the water of Dead Sea while covered in mineral-filled mud. The Dead Sea is 8 times saltier compared to any ocean, which makes our bodies more afloat than ever. Swimming here is nearly impossible, so tourists just lean back & use water as their own flotation device.

Dead Sea Tours

Enjoy A Mud Bath Experience On Your Dead Sea Tour:

The black mud found here on the bed of the Dead Sea is high in sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, which can actually give a better mud bathing experiencing than you could find in a spa. Nevertheless, there’re plenty of spas all around the Sea’s coast if you want a full spa experience.




Explore Centuries Of Rich History:

The Dead Sea is nearly 3 million years old & is believed to be first marked by Herod the Great, the Roman King of Judea. Also, Cleopatra is believed to have been a large promoter of the advantages of its mineral-filled mud waters, and it has been discovered that the Egyptians used the asphalt it produces to help mummify their pharaohs.


Excursions around the Dead Sea:

If you are planning to spend anything more than a few hours at the Dead Sea, there are so many fascinating places to visit close by. You can enjoy these sites on a full-day itinerary or spread over 2 days if you are keen to spend the night. Top of your list should be the famous archaeological site of Masada where the remains of a royal fort proudly rest. Popularly recognized as the site where more than a thousand Jews made their final stand against the assaulting Romans, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is an excellent example of blockade architecture with unbroken fortifications & camps. Between March & October you can see the citadel come into life with a Sound and Light Show recounting the incredible past of the site.

Some of the other sites to explore on your Dead Sea tour are Qumran National Park, Wadi Arugot, Wadi David, Ein Bokek Beach, Masada Museum and Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.