Saraya Aqaba Celebrates Christmas Season

Saraya Aqaba Celebrates Christmas Season

Saraya Aqaba celebrates Christmas season every weekend until January, Jordanians and tourists celebrate the occasion at its Beach Club, which is decorated and adorned with Christmas lights. 

The club also holds a bazaar to support local businesses and restaurants. 

According to Mr.Al Sharrah, who is the property adviser, Saraya Aqaba is located on an area of 634,000 square metres, and it includes a lagoon. He said that Saraya Aqaba added more than 5.1 km to the Aqaba’s waterfront.

The project is considered a quiet relaxed and family tourist destination, as it contains residential units, international hotels, recreational facilities, office spaces and the second biggest water park in the Kingdom.

“Saraya Aqaba has 866 housing units, such as apartments and villas for rent and for sale. We have investors and buyers from different parts of the world,”Mr.Sharrah mentioned.

Sharrah pointed out that Saraya Aqaba provides job opportunities for people in Aqaba, noting that many students have temporary working contracts during summer.

Lana Ghawi, who is a marketing director at Saraya Beach Club, said that they celebrate Christmas every year.

“This year, the celebration is needed more than ever as people want to forget about the stress of the pandemic and enjoy the festive season,” she told The Jordan Times.

Ghawi noted that the local bazaar and a street food market at Saraya Aqaba supports the local community and projects for young women and men from Aqaba and other governorates as well.

She said that the entry to the Beach Club for the bazaar and activities is free of charge for everyone. 

“We have lots of tourists from all over the world and Jordanians visiting the Beach Club, and we are very happy and excited for the season. Promoting Aqaba as a tourism destination is one of our main goals,” she added.