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Petra Full Day Trip From Amman


 Your Petra day trip will start with an early morning departure from Amman. On this tour, you will pass through the magnificent Siq to reach The Treasury and then The Monastery which is splendidly carved.

 One of the most enthralling sites that you must explore either on your way to the Monastery or on your way back is the Place of Sacrifice, where you’ll have the opportunity to walk amid the hills, passing 1020 staircases to get to that site.

 After completing this full day tour you will get back to Amman in the afternoon.

 This Petra day tour from Amman is an excellent trip for those travelers who are time constrained. On our site, you will also find other Jordan private tours & travel plans and chose one that best fits your budget.



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The main highlights of our Petra day trip from Amman include:

 • English speaking driver/guide
 • Home/hotel pick-up & drop-off
 • Air-conditioned vehicles

Enjoy comprehensive sightseeing on this Petra one-day tour:

 Petra is a huge city and there are hundreds of sites to explore. You can easily spend three days on the town exploring all the top attractions it has to offer. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to witness the most major sites of Petra within a few hours of visit. To help time-constrained travelers, we at Jordan Private Tours have designed different itineraries to explore Petra inside a limited time frame. Apart from full-day Petra tour we also merge other places to explore like Wadi Rum, Little Petra, Dead Sea, Mt Nebo, Al Shobak Castle, Dana, and Al Mujib Natural reserves. Petra can be explored in one day from Amman so don’t opt for longer day itineraries if you’re limited to budget and time.

 There’re innumerable accommodation options available in Wadi Mousa (the most important city of Petra). A few hotels can also be found in between Wadi Mousa and the close by village of Taybeh. Camping in Petra is now illegal.

Petra’s History:

 Formerly known to its residents as Raqmu, Petra is an archaeological and historical city located in Southern Jordan. Petra rests on the slope of Jabal Al-Madbah in a basin amidst the mountains which form the eastern border of Arabah gorge that runs from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. The city is assumed to have been colonized as early as 9,000 BC, and it was probably established in the fourth century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom.

 According to the Arab custom, the Rose City is the location where Moses belted a rock with the help of his followers and water came forward, and where Aaron (Mose’s brother), is buried, at Mt Hor, today known as Jabal Haroun. The Wadi Musa is the Arab name for the narrow gorge at the top of which Petra is located. A hilltop shrine of Moses’ sister Miriam was demonstrated to Pilgrims at the time of Jerome in the 4th century, but its site has not been known since.

 Petra is accessed via a 1.2kms long valley known as the Siq, which guides directly to the Khazneh. Popular for its rock-cut architecture & water channel system, Petra is also known as the Rose City because of the stone color of which it’s carved. Since 1985 it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2007, it was also voted as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Petra is now the symbol of Jordan and also the most visited tourist attraction of the country. In 2017, it has been reported that nearly 600,000 tourists visited the site.

Our Full Day Jordan Petra Tour Is Your Best Chance to Explore The Great Temple of Petra:

 The Great Temple of Petra was explored first by Brunnow and Domaszewski, but it was Bachmann, in his makeover of the Petra city plan, who claimed the existence of a “Great Temple,” lined up with the Colonnade Street, lounging on the hillside to the south.

 The Great Temple is the largest self-supporting building in Petra, covering an expanse of 7,560 square meters. It ascends nearly 25m on top of the Colonnaded Street. The archaeological proof shows that the shrine itself ascends 57ft tall.

 The building features a Lower Temenos, accessed by abrupt staircases, and an Upper Temenos that that holds the temple. The Lower Temenos is cemented with hexagonal stones & was bordered on the west and east side by amazing triple porticos that have 96-120 pillars.

 Each of the porticos led into a small exedra. The West Exedra looks to have played a particularly crucial part in the shrine; it was rebuilt many times & was packed with artifacts including lamps, ceramics, and coins.

 The Upper Temenos features east & west pavements flanking the assembly hall. The shrine was bordered by a frontage of 4 sandstone pillars on limestone foundations.

Petra - One of the 7 Wonders:

 Renowned for its charisma and ancient cultural heritage, Petra represents the achievement of a beautiful society, the Nabatean Arabs, who carved the city into its mountains. The city represents a chief junction of the ancient trading paths between the Arabian Peninsula, China, Europe, and Levant.

One your one-day Petra tour you will cover the following locations:

 • The Dm
 • The Siq
 • The Treasury
 • The Street of Facades
 • The Theatre
 • The Silk Tomb
 • The Monastery
 • The Great Temple of Petra
 • Churches
 • Baptism Street
 • The Area of Sacrifice