Locals, archaeologists join forces to unearth historical mysteries of Abdoun South

At the Abdoun Community Archaeological Project, located in Amman, a unique archaeological endeavour unravels, supported by the collaboration between the Department of Antiquities and the American Centre of Research (ACOR), noted Matthew Vincent, the project co-director. 

Abdoun South

According to him, the  project, also known as Abdoun South or Qasr Abdoun, stands out not just for its mission to understand the site’s historical context, but also for its community-centric approach that enables the public to participate in the dig for as little as one day at a time. 

“The project’s success is a testament to the power of community engagement and the passion of the people involved. At the same time, the project is committed to the archaeological process and seeks to understand the site’s history through the lens of the past,” Vincent said.

Regarding the site, which is located near the Japanese Garden in Abdoun, there are four periods of occupation. 

“Iron Age 1 Transition, the site showcases remnants of a lone building from this era, hinting at basic architectural forms and primary societal needs,” Vincent said, adding that “during Iron Age Expansion, advancing through time, there’s evidence of the site evolving with casemate walls surrounding what might have been a courtyard, indicating changes in societal structures”.

Furthermore, unexpected findings spotlight Byzantine influence, with hints that it was linked to the nearby olive press, possibly suggesting a contemporary, shared community, he said. He added that during the Late Ottoman Period, the most recent data suggests the site was used as a sheep pen in its final form, although its beginning purpose is still not entirely clear.

“Abdoun South’s varied historical phases underscore human adaptability over time. Each era triggers more questions, fuelling our drive to dive deeper. As we anticipate the next season, the combined zeal of our community and experts promises to unearth more about this archaeological treasure,” Vincent concluded, adding that the latest updates and the excavation schedule can be found at https://acorjordan.org/abdoun-community/.


Source: The Jordan Times.