Beautiful Nature Trail Through Dana Reserve of Jordan

The Dana Reserve is possibly the best known of Jordan's nature reserves. This showplace, set up in 1993, has become an exemplar of how to set up a sustainable, eco¬≠friendly reserve. With its network of guided and unguided hiking trails, its campground, guesthouse and eco-Iodge with their staffs of residents, its dramatic wadis and mountains dropping about 1600 meters from the highest point, there are 320 square kilometers full of things to do and marvel at. Most surprising is not the Nabatean tomb, but the sea urchin fossils, now so far from the sea! Dana's unusual mushroom-shaped rock formations captivate the eye.

Visitors will leave the reserve with an appreciation of the techtonic forces that shaped this region.

Helping Nature Helping People

The Dana Reserve is the first place in Jordan where nature conservation brings benefits to local people.

Some of the activities of local people have had to be controlled to protect the unique wildlife and landscape of the reserve but new jobs and income generating opportunities have been created, based on tourism, crafts, organic agricultural and the management of the reserve itself.

Your visit to reserve will have helped both the nature and the people.