Medical Tourism Has the Potential to Compete Internationally — King

Medical Tourism Has the Potential to Compete Internationally — King

 AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday said that Jordan has all the ingredients to build a remarkable medical tourism industry, adding that such a potential should be tapped through providing high-quality products and better coordination between stakeholders.

 Chairing a meeting to follow up on plans to improve the situation of the sector, His Majesty stressed the need for concerted efforts to push the industry forward, which he described as a key drive for the national economy, a Royal Court statement said. 

 The King urged the private sector in particular to forge innovative solutions to attract tourists, while the public sector facilitates the process.

 In light of the enactment of the medical accountability law, His Majesty said, along with signs of improvement in the regional security situation and international competition, it is imperative to accelerate efforts. 

 The Jordan Economic Growth Plan for 2018-2022 acknowledges that institutional gaps in quality assurance and the ability to develop a strategic clustering of the sector has inhibited its ability to continue to attract regional and international medical tourists.

 King Abdullah told the meeting that Jordan’s health services “have set a distinctive example in the region and efforts to improve medical tourism services should continue so that the sector maintains its competitiveness”, according to the statement.

 Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Muasher made a presentation of measures to which the government has committed during a November-2018 meeting dedicated to rectify the situation of the medical tourism industry, including the establishment of a commission to regulate the sector, easing visa requirements for patients seeking treatment in Jordan and their escorts, designing full bundles of medical tourism services, or door-to-door services, and promoting the sector abroad.