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This is a 3-day special guided tour that covers most of the southern parts of Jordan (Mount Nebo, Al Shawbak castle, Little Petra, Petra, Wadi Rum, Gulf of Aqaba, Dead Sea Salt Beach and the Dead Sea). The first day of the tour will kick start from Amman – visiting Mt Nebo in Madaba city. Then we will move towards Shobak castle "Montreal castle", and visit Little Petra and finally drop off at Hotel in Wadi Mousa city. The next day will be an early start from Petra to explore the entire city, starting from the Treasury, The Monastery and high areas of Sacrifice. Then we will move towards Wadi Rum and you will spend the night here in a Bedouin camp. The next day will start from a Safari Jeep Tour, exploring Dead Sea Beach and the Aqaba City. You will also enjoy a stop at the Dead Sea Salt Beach and then move forward to relish beautiful sunset & floating at the famous Dead Sea Beach itself.

Listed here are the top attractions that you will enjoy on this three days guided tour.

Mt Nebo:

Mt Nebo is a 1,000 meters high mountain placed 10 kilometers northwest of Madaba in Jordan, opposite the northern end of the famous Dead Sea. As per ancient custom, this is the mountain from which Moses witnessed the Promised Land before he demised. 
Due to its link to Moses, the mountain has long been a vital site for Christian pilgrimage. Mining led by the Franciscans, who own the spot, have unearthed dramatic relics of the early cathedral & its splendid Byzantine mosaics. A plain modern sanctuary devoted to Moses has been constructed over them.

From the peak offers a panoramic view of the Promises Land and the Jordan River. On a very clear day, you can even see Jerusalem from the peak.

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Dana Nature Reserve:

Dana Biosphere Reserve is a site of remarkable history, beauty, and biodiversity. This is the mere reserve in Jordan that includes 4 diverse bio-geographical areas of the country (Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian, and Sudanian). It’s a melting pot of species from Asia, Africa, and Europe. Such a mixture of natural communities in a single region is exceptional in Jordan & most of the plants and animals dwell here are very rare.

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Shobak Castle:

Shobak Castle is an early twelfth century Crusader castle in isolated surroundings. It’s perched on the side of a hilly, narrowed mountain at 1,300m above sea level. Though not so well-preserved, its remoteness from the nearby town makes it more atmospheric. It's especially imposing when seen from a distance, as it sits on a dramatic hill (formerly called Mons Realis, or the Royal Mountain).

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Little Petra:

Siq al-Barid in Beidha, also known as “Little Petra”, is approximately 5km far from Petra, a Unesco world heritage site since 1985 and popular for its ancient buildings made of solid red sandstone. It’s often visited by tourists in combination with Petra itself since it’s free & usually less crowded.

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Petra/The Rose - Red City:

Although a lot has been written regarding Petra, nothing really prepares you for this incredible place. It has to be seen to be believed. Petra is a gigantic, unique city, carved into the vertical rock facade by the Nabataeans, a hard-working Arab folk who colonized here more than 2000 years back, turning it into a critical crossroads for the silk, spice and other trade routes that connected China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome.

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Wadi Rum:

Recognized as the Valley of the Moon is a gorge cut into the sandstone & granite rock in southern Jordan 37 miles to the east of Aqaba; it’s the largest wadi in Jordan.

Wadi Rum Night Camp:

Fire Evening: This is something special that you can’t find from any other tour company in Jordan. The personalized experience that we offer our guests can be seen quite clearly on this part – where we’ll move to an isolated part to set our private camp.

Expand your tour experience at Wadi Rum by considering our special offer trip (Petra – Wadi Rum Guided Tour with Mustafa ) to explore the universe during the night activity at the valley (This tour is available only Friday-Saturday )

Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea:

The seaside town of Aqaba located on the Red Sea is known to have some of the most beautiful diving sites in the earth. This region has been of strategic interest since olden eras, and proof of these civilizations is still visible. Aqaba is also known as a base camp for tourists planning to see Petra and Wadi Rum.

Lot’s Cave and Museum:

Constructed at the lowest point on the earth, this jewel-box of a museum demonstrates the rich past of the Dead Sea area.

No other country has as many Biblical locations as Jordan. The Dead Sea gets innumerable mentions in the Bible, and it is where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered.

In the hills east of Ghor as-Safi a cave was discovered in 1991 with early & middle Bronze Age pottery inside. Assumption associated the finds with Abraham’s nephew Lot who moved to a cave in the hills above Ghor as-Safi following the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.

The Dead Sea Salt Beach:

Despite the fact that it looks hard to reach for different reasons, the Dead Sea Salt Beach is truly amazing and does worth a stop. Though it is not visited a lot by both Jordanians and tourists, it still has that unique feel that you want to experience firsthand.

dead Sea

Dead Sea Beach:

Its two kilometers south of the main resort strip is run by Amman municipality to provide cost-effective access to the Dead Sea. The grounds are pleasingly landscaped and the beach is sparkling, with sun umbrellas, freshwater showers, and a pulsating local flavor, making it a wonderful place to start a conversation with a Jordanian family. There are also a number of swimming pools, a restaurant, some drinks stalls, basketball courts and an amusement park next door.

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